You’ll Fall In Love with Our New Seasonal Coffee Flavor for February — Mocha Cherry Robusto

We’ve added a new flavor for February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Mocha Cherry Robusto — its FairTrade and organic, with natural chocolate and cherry undertones — a true treat for the senses just waiting for your lips. It says I Love You from the inside out.

See our menu for our year-round variety of delicious and healthy CoffeeClick coffee below and order online or with our CoffeeClick Pay&Sip mobile app and share some with a close friend.

Green Beans — Our best organic, heritage coffee — there’s no competition.
Cool Beans — The perfect bean for cold iced coffee, also organic and fairtrade.
Dream Beans — Delicious decaf that won’t keep you up all night.
Super Beans — Robust coffee — highly caffeinated for when you have things to do.
The Beaner — Our traditional economy cup, the best quality we can find for $.99 cents.
Rural Beans — Our own in-house baby coffee plants for your kitchen or office.
CoffeeClick also delivers our whole or ground coffee beans to your door.

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FairTrade is For The Birds

Do you enjoy watching our feathered friends while sipping your coffee in the morning too?

By purchasing shade-grown and fair-trade coffee, you are helping our global songbird habitat.

Watch this short video about monoculture coffee crops and see how your choices make big differences for our world’s flora and fauna. Our birds thank you for purchasing fair trade products.

<p><a href=”″>Birdsong &amp; Coffee: A Wakeup Call</a> from <a href=””>Old Dog Documentaries</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

“No More MIddlemen!” vows Valdez, CEO of CoffeeClick, Announces new coffee testing for consumers

John Valdez, our CEO at CoffeeClick International, is experiencing some buyer’s remorse.

It has come to the attention of management here at CoffeeClick Fair Trade and Organic Coffees that, for a short time, our product was not what was represented to our buyers. You may have heard that we have had some purchasing problems in the past with middlemen that have misrepresented their product as fair trade, and we are experiencing the pains of buyer’s remorse.

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Cream of the Crop: Free CoffeeLab bean testing at our Internet Cafes

Come in and have your brand tested for free at any of our CoffeeClick Internet Cafes. We want you to see the difference with your own eyes, then taste the difference. Because we are #TheFairestCupOfAll

Just bring in your brand of coffee beans and your twittermachine, and we will test your brand alongside ours in our new top-of-the-line onsite CoffeeLabs. If you are a customer, you can now see our testing results for each bag of our delicious coffees online, matched up to our batch numbers with dates of harvest, shipping and roasting. You can be assured that our beans are the freshest, healthiest cup of hot deliciousness that you can find.

CoffeeLab Onsite Testing -- Takes Only 3 Minutes!

CoffeeLab Onsite Testing — Takes Only 3 Minutes!